Gabrielle Johnson

Vice President
Santa Cruz, California

My name is Gabby Johnson and I have been teaching students with differences for 20+ years. I currently work for Santa Cruz County Office of Education and run their Kindergarten Autism program as well as an ABA Program Manager for Positive Behavior Supports. My passion in life has always been to be one to support, nurture and love those around me.

Being a Vice President for Autism Family Network has allowed me to reach out to students and individuals on the Autism spectrum and those with special needs and their parents in an eventful way. AFN is about events and seeing individuals shine in their own ways.
Seeing individuals at events full of joy, laughter and having FUN is what makes AFN.
AFN’s goal is to bring awareness, acceptance and inclusiveness to all individuals in a safe/ fun/ positive atmosphere.
I have a…
  • Masters in Special Education
  • Education Specialist credential from K-22 years of age
  • American Sign Language as Second Language


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