Stoney V. Godet

Executive Director/Founder
Santa Cruz, California
About Me

I am thankful to be a Father of 4 and Grand Father of 2. Inspired by those around me to be the best I can be as a motivator for others. I've found that a level of healthy family time, play time, meditation and fitness that makes me feel incredible.

As a parent of a child with special needs since being diagnosed in 2005, I have come to realize it will take the work of a community to share the resources and experience to provide the best possible for my son and all kids with special needs.

I want to motivate others to be the best they can be and more for their loved one. Also inspiring the spirits of positive energy to speak through me and motivate others to create a stronger future of inclusiveness!

If I can make a difference with one person, one family at one connection, then I have planted the seed of personal growth and opportunity of "Bridging the Gap".

Professional Experiences

Business Banker, Customer Relationship Manager, Event Planning, Marketing & Sales Training, Event Security Consulting, Master of Ceremonies, Ring Announcer, Amateur Comedian, DJ, Sound & Production Manager.

"Plan your Day, Work your Plan, "S5 POWERS of HAPPINESS" (Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial)


The art of dancing how it allows you to express yourself. Hearing and moving to the music, with a message for every one of your moods or a movie that allows you to break away from reality even for just a short period in time. The raw therapy of going to the gym, steam room and sauna are great getaways.

Learning from watching children and listening to the elderly is like enjoy writing poetry or hearing knowledge from those that do the spoken word.

Pasting times: The best times are just hanging out with kids laughing and being silly. My private time is riding down to the beach and/or cliffs to embrace the calming sounds and pure smells of the ocean. While capturing the glow of the full MOON gazing from behind the clouds and the massive breath taking energy when it illuminates the clear sky.

  • Bristol Eastern High School
  • Dean College
  • Rhode Island College
  • Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts


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